Junior Leadership Programs for Teens 11 to 14

Develop both leadership and wilderness skills while having fun and gaining volunteer experience.

Junior Leadership Programs for Teens 11 to 14

The Junior LIT Program is designed for students between the ages of 11 to 14 who are interested in developing wilderness instructor skills and leadership skills in a wilderness context. The focus is on transitioning youth to thinking from a self determining outcome to that of being responsible for others, but at the same time recognizing their age and need for a fun and engaging summer, with coaching and mentorship.

This program is designed and led by experienced wilderness instructors looking to inspire a younger generation of leaders. Over the course of students time with us, participants will learn about teaching, risk management, group management, leadership, self-care, canoe skills, wilderness skills, first aid, camp skills and so much more.

The Details

Our program is an emotionally and physically taxing program designed to push students to their next level. Students walk away with a wealth of first aid knowledge, risk management ability, and wilderness skills.

Students are imbedded in camper groups assisting the instructor.  Typically they will be with a younger group their first week.  We find this is a great way of distancing them from the camper mindset as their charges are much younger. Sometimes there is push back on this from the students, as the older groups get to do more of the 'fun' activities, e.g. mountain biking, paddling, etc, but this is a great way to begin their leadership journey -  a right of passage.  After that they may have the opportunity to join older groups based on their performance.

They will be pulled out of the their groups from time to time to meet with the camp director and / or coordinator to be coached on various aspects of our program such as group management, safety, key skills, etc.  They will also be asked to complete journaling activities and assignments in order to engage in personal reflection on their experiences, further enhancing their self-awareness.

This is the perfect program for young teens looking to become phenomenal camp counsellors or wilderness instructors in the future.

Learn to be a Leader while having a great time

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Program Dates:

Camp Programs:

Session 1: July 1st to 12th

Session 2: July 15th to 26th

Session 3: July 29th to August 9th

Session 4: August 12th to 23rd

Cost for program: $350 / week. Minimum 1 Session (2 weeks).  

Equipment needed: life jacket/PFD, rain gear, hiking boots, backpack, sun protective wear.


Curious about Wilde School and our programs? Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to walk you through our programs, our approach, and answer any questions you might have.

Who Are We Looking For? The Ideal LIT Program Applicant

We’re looking for high school students who have a passion for the outdoors. Students who are willing to take on a challenge and push themselves.

You will get the opportunity to help teach and support elementary students, developing your leadership and outdoor skills.

You will be joining a group of highly trained teachers, outdoor educators, and therapists providing fun and experiential education to youth.

What About My Highschool Credits/Diploma?

Our leadership program compliments the Ontario curriculum for high school education. Not only will students participate in teaching and leading younger students, they will gain hard skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits, develop their soft skills of organisation, responsibility, public speaking, and critical thinking and they will help to design and lead a community outreach program.

There are no high school credits given for participating in this program.