Afterschool Bushcraft Program

Give the gift of survival skills and develop a deeper love for the outdoors.

Afterschool Bushcraft Program

Bushcraft is the art of thriving in the wilderness.  It is understanding nature and ecology, weather, medicine and being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

We teach students core skills such as fire building, camp site selection, tool making and back country cooking.  We also teach students how to stay warm outside, plant and animal identification, weather reading, wilderness navigation and wilderness medicine.

Our goal is to help our students develop a love for the outdoors and to be knowledgeable about the natural environment. Bushcraft has 5 levels that students can work towards during our courses. Ultimately the Bushcraft program is chipping away at skills leaving to the mastery of bushcraft level 5. This program has a focus on leadership and wilderness survival skills.

The Details

As with all of our courses, we integrate our activities into an academic curriculum that is guided by Ontario provincial standards. Students learn without realizing that they are learning and develop a sense of curiosity as they encounter complex problems.  For instance we learn about distances and measurements through map work.  We learn about tree identification while teaching fire building and shelter building. We learn about soil types through teaching tracking skills.

Students learn to work as a team to over come a variety of challenges, they spend their days outside, travelling through forests and over lakes, engaging with the natural world and themselves.

learn to become a renaissance person of the natural world

Register for Afterschool Bushcraft Program

8 Week Winter Program

Thursday from 3:30-4:45pm
January - March

Available for students in Grade 3-6

Cost $280.00

Students are picked-up by our WILDE School Bus directly from Beaver Valley Community School at 3:15pm and driven to WILDE School for a 3:30pm arrival. The 8 week program is taught by Garrin Carter, our Bush Craft instructor at WILDE School. At the end of the program, parent pick up is located at Blue Mountain WILDE School at 4:45pm.


Curious about Wilde School and our programs? Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to walk you through our programs, our approach, and answer any questions you might have.

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