Seasonal & Part Time Programs


Curious about Wilde School and our programs? Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to walk you through our programs, our approach, and answer any questions you might have.

What Are Your Winter Safety Guidelines? Can They Stay Inside On Very Cold Days?

We prioritize student safety and well-being in all weather conditions, including winter. Our winter safety guidelines include dressing appropriately for the weather, staying hydrated, and taking regular indoor breaks when necessary. We closely monitor outdoor conditions and adjust activities accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all students.

What Do You Do For Safety If There Is A Thunderstorm / Lighting / Forest Fire?

We prioritize student safety and monitor weather conditions closely. In the event of severe weather or forest fires, we follow established safety protocols, including seeking shelter indoors and communicating with families as necessary.

What Is The Response Time For EMS / Fire / Police If There Is A Serious Emergency?

We have established protocols and emergency response plans in place, and emergency services can typically respond within 20 minutes in the event of a serious emergency.

How Do I Get To Wilde School?

Wilde School is conveniently located with easy access by car, horse 😉 or our Wilde Bus service. For detailed directions and transportation options, please visit our contact page.

Is Wilde School A Peanut Free Environment?

Yes, Wilde School is a peanut-free environment to ensure the safety and well-being of all students with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Who Are We Looking For? The Ideal LIT Program Applicant

We’re looking for high school students who have a passion for the outdoors. Students who are willing to take on a challenge and push themselves.

You will get the opportunity to help teach and support elementary students, developing your leadership and outdoor skills.

You will be joining a group of highly trained teachers, outdoor educators, and therapists providing fun and experiential education to youth.

What About My Highschool Credits/Diploma?

Our leadership program compliments the Ontario curriculum for high school education. Not only will students participate in teaching and leading younger students, they will gain hard skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits, develop their soft skills of organisation, responsibility, public speaking, and critical thinking and they will help to design and lead a community outreach program.

There are no high school credits given for participating in this program.