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Katie Hobley


Katie is our Music, Art, and Elementary Teacher, well-known for her exceptional teaching prowess and a strong reputation carved out during her time at Headwaters Academy.

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Katie's Experience

Katie embarked on her educational journey with a degree in Fine and Performing Arts, honing her skills in creativity and expression. Her passion for the arts and languages has been the foundation of her career, leading her to further specialization in music and French language studies.

personal philosophy

Katie's Passions and Goals

Katie's approach to education resonates with our philosophy of nurturing individual interests. Her teaching methodology is deeply rooted in promoting curiosity and individuality amongst students.

Katie believes in creating a rich, immersive learning environment that encourages students to explore their interests in music, art, and languages. Through integrating traditional teaching methods with innovative educational practices, she aims to foster a lasting appreciation for the arts while enhancing language proficiency.

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About Katie

Beyond the classroom, Katie is a vibrant personality with a deep love for cultural exploration and artistic expression. She also spends her time enjoying life with her young family.

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