Garrin Carter Naturalist and Wilderness Instructor

Garrin Carter

Naturalist and Wilderness Instructor

Garrin is a skilled naturalist and wilderness teacher - the type of guy that can build a bow from scratch.

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Garrin's Experience

Garrin has worked with many wilderness education programs including: Pine River Institute, Earth Tracks, Pine Project, Sticks and Stones Wilderness School sharing his love of naturalist skills and nature connection with a focus on long term mentoring.

Once again, the hills of the Beaver Valley have called him back to Kimbercote to join Blue Mountain WILDE School and to share his passion and stories of this special place.

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Garrin's Passions and Goals

Garrin's approach to teaching is inherently experiential, grounded in the belief that true understanding and respect for nature can only be cultivated through immersive, hands-on experiences in the wilderness. He emphasizes the importance of long-term mentoring, guiding students to forge deep, personal connections with the natural world through skills like survival tactics, stewardship principles, and naturalist studies.

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About Garrin

Garrin grew up crawling through the woods and creeks of Southern Ontario chasing the local reptiles and amphibians. Many years later those wild places called him back in the form of a 7-month apprenticeship with Sticks and Stones Wilderness School on the hills of the Kimbercote property where he lived the survival and stewardship knowledge passed on to him.

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