Diane Niec Kindergarten Teacher

Diane Niec

Kindergarten Teacher

Diane is a multifaceted educator who combines her diverse skills to offer a uniquely immersive and creative learning experience.

background & bio

Diane's Experience

Diane is a graduate of the University of Windsor with a degree in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor of Education. She pursued her theatrical passion performing and touring with Theatre Gargantua, a physical theatre company that creates original work.

Diane enjoyed 20 years of creative growth with the company, facilitating school workshops and even enjoying a performance run at the Royal Alexandra Theatre! During this time Diane completed her Pilates and yoga certifications and started working as a private and class instructor around the city.

She also grew her musicianship by joining Univox Choir and being part of the worship team at St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

Diane then drew on her education background and taught at Gradale Academy - a school located at the Don Valley Brickworks. For ten years Diane taught primary grades where she used her passions and musical talents to implement the school’s first ukulele program, document the school year through photography, and direct the schools’ concerts and presentations.

It was there that Diane discovered her passion for teaching in an outdoor environment. Watching the children gain confidence, respect and resilience from exploring and participating in outdoor learning brings a smile to her heart.

personal philosophy

Diane's Passions and Goals

Diane's teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in integrating her diverse passions for music, performing arts, and physical wellness into fostering a creative and immersive outdoor learning environment.

By harnessing her theatrical background and love for the outdoors, she aims to encourage confidence, respect, and resilience among her students, adding a unique dimension to their educational experience.

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About Diane

Diane moved up to the Blue Mountains area from downtown Toronto in 2020 and has never looked back. She is an educator, theatre performer, Pilates and yoga instructor, first time dog owner and a wellness and outdoor enthusiast!

It is in this spirit that Diane is thrilled to join the community of like-minded individuals at BMWS!

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