Brayden Plummer Director of Education

Brayden Plummer

Director of Education

After getting over kicking himself for not starting something like WILDE School 20 years ago, Brayden is honoured to be a leading member of the WILDE team.

background & bio

Brayden's Experience

ELeaving his home near the river, Brayden began to teach experiential and outdoor education for a variety of centres and school boards.

After teachers college he reluctantly made the transition to a more traditional educational setting at Pretty River Academy where he taught for 15 years. During a challenging time for PRA Brayden assumed the role of Headmaster and helped grow the school population from 64 to 110 students in 3 years.

In 2017 he launched his educational consulting company Out of the Woods Education to provide solutions for the challenges he identified in the education industry. Looking for an outdoor school for his own children, the stars aligned and Brayden connected with WILDE School.

personal philosophy

Brayden's Passions and Goals

Brayden’s educational philosophy revolves around some simple truths:

  • Nature is the best classroom.
  • Strong foundational skills in literacy and mathematics are key to future success.
  • Respect, fun and hard work are paramount for teaching.
  • Teaching students how to think critically and to have a passion for learning are the greatest skills for achieving sustainable happiness.
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About Brayden

Brayden grew up in rural Ontario exploring the woods and farmland surrounding the Nith river. On his 9th birthday he was deemed ready to be initiated into the world of Fly Fishing. This gift became a lifelong obsession that led to the discovery of his calling in Education and helped support him through his post secondary educational studies in literature and philosophy.

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