The WILDE Difference

Reconnecting future leaders with nature and providing holistic education to ignite curiosity, passion, and resilience for a better world.

learning opportunities that ignite curiosity

How is Wilde School Different?

the greatest lessons are found in our natural classroom

The current antiquated education system, designed for the control of large groups, is failing our youth. This has become painfully evident to many of us in these recent times.

The world is changing rapidly and yet the education model has altered little since the onset of the industrial revolution. Our youth are over programmed, over stimulated and yet underwhelmed in the boxes that they are tethered to for most of their developmental years.

At Blue Mountain Wilde School, our devoted team of staff and volunteers is unwavering in its commitment to crafting transformative experiences and fostering opportunities that not only spark curiosity and a love for learning but also cultivate confidence and resilience.

We firmly believe that the bond between children and nature is paramount, especially in the current context, and we are dedicated to nurturing and strengthening this connection.

a new model

A Science-backed Revolution in Education

In our pursuit of excellence, we have developed a revolutionary educational model that is not only rooted in extensive research but also guided by strong values. The outstanding results we've witnessed speak volumes about the efficacy of our approach.

Redefining Education

Our ultimate goal is to leverage the insights gained from this groundbreaking model to drive substantial improvements in the traditional education system.

Positive Change

Blue Mountain Wilde School is not only an institution, but a catalyst for positive change in the realm of education.

Registered Private School

Blue Mountain Wild School is a registered Private School with a simple mandate to reconnect our future leaders with the natural world and with themselves. We strive to create a new model of education that focuses on the whole student.

Not-for-Profit Organization

Blue Mountain Wild School stands as a proud extension of Canadian Wild Schools, a nationally registered not-for-profit organization. Our overarching mission is to seamlessly reconnect students with the beauty of the natural world and, in turn, with their true selves.

Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset

We want our children to think critically, to think creatively and in an entrepreneurial mindset. We seek to create experiences and learning opportunities to ignite curiosity and passion for learning while developing confidence, resilience and courage in order to empower the changemakers.

Resourcefulness & Teamwork

We set out to create a program for students of all backgrounds that would foster a lifelong love for learning and for the natural world - along with the skills and knowledge to thrive there.

Leadership Development

We view our children as leaders that will lead their peers and their communities to make the world a better place.

life is the best teacher

How much is your Child really Learning in a "traditional" Classroom?

Our Classroom is Life

We take the classroom outside & into the community.

We foster curiosity in learning through hands-on experiences. We peel back knowledge like an onion, exploring the many layers that go beyond initial perceptions and investigate how they integrate and relate.

We integrate real world projects and opportunities.

Our thinking is critical, our lessons are rooted in real world problem solving using relevant examples. This stimulates interest and motivation to discover more, integrating real-world projects and opportunities.


Curious about Wilde School and our programs? Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to walk you through our programs, our approach, and answer any questions you might have.

What Are Your Winter Safety Guidelines? Can They Stay Inside On Very Cold Days?

We prioritize student safety and well-being in all weather conditions, including winter. Our winter safety guidelines include dressing appropriately for the weather, staying hydrated, and taking regular indoor breaks when necessary. We closely monitor outdoor conditions and adjust activities accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all students.

What Do You Do For Safety If There Is A Thunderstorm / Lighting / Forest Fire?

We prioritize student safety and monitor weather conditions closely. In the event of severe weather or forest fires, we follow established safety protocols, including seeking shelter indoors and communicating with families as necessary.

What Is The Response Time For EMS / Fire / Police If There Is A Serious Emergency?

We have established protocols and emergency response plans in place, and emergency services can typically respond within 20 minutes in the event of a serious emergency.

How Do I Get To Wilde School?

Wilde School is conveniently located with easy access by car, horse 😉 or our Wilde Bus service. For detailed directions and transportation options, please visit our contact page.

Is Wilde School A Peanut Free Environment?

Yes, Wilde School is a peanut-free environment to ensure the safety and well-being of all students with allergies or dietary restrictions.