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Education Beyond Four Walls

Our living curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity and a passion for learning.

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Kindergarten to Grade 8 Full-Time Education Program

From Kindergarten to Grade 8, we offer an immersive educational program. Opt for education that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Allow your child to foster their creativity and independence while learning from highly skilled and passionate Ontario Certified Teachers. Emerging research strongly suggests that experiences in nature not only boost academic learning, but enhance personal development, and environmental stewardship.


WILD Fridays

Regular Friday programming. Outdoor Leadership program that builds resilience, and self-awareness.


Wild School Summer Adventure Camp

Unforgettable summer experiences in the great outdoors for kids of all ages.


Afterschool Outdoors Club & Seasonal Programs

After-school adventures and outdoor activities for students who love nature.


Leadership Program for Teens 13 - 17

Exciting outdoor learning experiences for our youngest students.

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The WILDE Difference

Wilde School stands out starkly from the traditional education models. Small class sizes, outdoor-inspired education, a student engagement-led living curriculum, emphasis on hands-on learning, and focus on leadership are some of the key differences that sets Wilde School apart.

Teacher Student Ratio
drawing out the child's internal compass

Empowering our Future Leaders

Emerging evidence & research strongly suggests that experiences in nature not only boost academic learning, but enhance personal development, and environmental stewardship.

Positive shifts in the following leadership qualities have all been linked to learning in a natural environment:

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Increased Cognition and Retention

Perseverance, Resilience, and Grit

Teamwork and Social Skills

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Have a Peek Inside Our School

We're not a forest school. We're not a traditional academy. We're not a public school.

We're redefining modern education.

Our Staff Spotlights

The passion, experience, and dedication of our faculty is a large part of what makes us truly unique.

Our Educators

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Our Leadership

See our Leadership & Governance structure.

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Admissions Resources

Curious about enrolling your child at Wild School? Explore our admissions resources.

Tuitions & Fees

See the tuition schedule for the upcoming school year.

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Financial Assistance

Our aim is to make our school accessible to everyone.

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See Why Learning Outside is "The Way"

Emerging research and science in the field of education is demonstrating clear benefits of providing children a safe, active, outdoor environment on their overall development, as well as their academic success.

Nature contributes physical, mental and emotional health

Outdoor education builds resiliency, enhances cognitive function, and increases social development

Much more! We encourage you to do a deep dive into the emerging body of research in this subject.

Four walls and a desk works for controlling large numbers of children. It does not work for empowering, inspiring, and fostering life long learners who will become the changemakers that we so desperately need.
Jeff Barrett
Wild School Founder & Executive Director
Beyond 4 Walls